About Us

Established in the sun-soaked terrains of Mesa, Arizona, in 2018, Old Town Golf emerged from a deep-rooted love for the game. As a family-owned venture, we've always prioritized three things above all else: exceptional service, unbeatable pricing, and an unparalleled experience for our valued customers.

Our foundation is unique and authentic. Old Town Golf was the brainchild of seasoned professional golfer and a master club fitter, Ryan Sawyer. His combined expertise highlighted a truth in golf - the sheer transformative power of customization. Whether you're looking for stock shafts or seeking that tailor-made feel, Old Town Golf is your premier destination for both.

Our journey began on eBay, where we've proudly sold over 5,000 shafts, earning the trust of golf enthusiasts worldwide. With the launch of this direct website, we aim to pass on even greater savings to our customers, ensuring you get top-notch quality without the premium price tag.

From name-brand shafts to premium clubs, we offer them all at wholesale prices. Despite our competitive pricing, we never compromise on quality. Each product that finds its way to you is brand new, backed by our unwavering warranty.

For golf shops and stores looking for an edge in inventory, our wholesale deals are hard to resist. If you're interested in bulk purchases and unparalleled prices, drop us an email at oldtowngolfshop@gmail.com.

With Old Town Golf, you're not just buying a product; you're joining a legacy built on passion, expertise, and trust.